How to Order?

Most of the items in the gallery are already sold out, but some of them are available for purchase. Any item in the gallery can be made in different colors and sizes by customer choice. It is also possible signs or letters to be embedded into wallets, buckles or other accessories. Contact me if you are interested in a piece of my work and we will discuss your order. You can either email me or use the contact form.
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How to order a belt

First: Choose design and color. You can fit different designs into different sizes.
Second: Use the following instructions to choose length, weight and thickness:


1. Take your old belt and measure it from the hole that is most comfortable, back to the belt buckle pin tip.
2. If it is a trophy style buckle, measure from the hole that is most comfortable, back to the buckle hook, or pimple.
3. Or measure your waist size.


Inch                   1       1 ¼       1 ½      2
Centimeters   2.5        3         4         5


Mid-size belts -M- I usually make them from 8-9 oz (3.3mm-3.6 mm) cowhide.
Longer size belts – L and up- I usually make them from 9-11 oz (3.6-4.4 cm) cowhide.


- Belts can be assembled with a trophy buckle (made by me), covered with the same tooling design as the belt
- Belts can be lined with a high quality leather strip. It gives the belt more strength. Using another method to make the belt stronger, I place a textile strip between two layers of leather.

Sewing Choices

    - Hand sewn, two-needle saddle style stitch
    - Hand laced, double loop stitch
    - Buck stitch